Every effort is made to produce patterns that are clear to understand and without error. That being said, every once in a while something slips by - no many how many times, or how many people have proofread a pattern. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by our errors.

#2216 Buttermold Sampler Quilt

On page 2 Directions say to cut 80-10" squares. You need to only cut 30-10" squares


#2031 Simple Blessings Home Tweet Home

Green wool needed for stems and leaves size is missing from the Supply List

Size needed is 6" x 25"


#1917 Home Sweet Home

On the back of the pattern, the sku number on the visual of the teal boucle should read "F18505-G2".  (as shown in the fabric and cutting list)

Also, in step 3 you need to cut 120 - 2 1/2" half square triangles from the sewn diagonal (bias) strips. 

#1822 Sugar Cookie Ornaments

Page 2 (inside pattern cover) steps 2 and 3 should read:

2. I found the most "wool efficient" way to stitch these ornaments was to fuse them, four at a time, onto 5" x 18" strips of heavy coat weight tan background wool as shown to the right. (This also makes backing the ornaments easy as you'll see later.)   Make sure to keep the applique pieces in a scant 1/2" from the edges and at least 3/4" apart from one another.

3. Whipstitch the applique pieces in place. (Make sure to leave plenty of room above Rudolph's head for the antlers and below the ice skate for the blade.)...

#1821 Little Chick's ABC's

Correction on back of pattern in first bullet point paragraph under Fabric and Cutting Directions: 

"...Cut 2" strips into 16 - 2" x 3 1/2" rectangles and 16 - 2" squares."  

(Should read 2", not 2 1/2") 

#1811 Pumpkin Spice

Supply List on the back "More Pumpkin Spice Please".
Orange plaid should be F18502-00, not F18503-AZ.

#1803 Happy Halloween Banner

PDF Link Here

#1801 Meowy Christmas

Star Shaped Pattern Template for Sugar Cookie Frosting located under Cookie Cat should be labeled as "sugar cookie frosting, cut 1 - gold", not "cat head, cut 1 - gray". 

#1718 There's No Place Like Home

The green piece of wool for the grassy hill should be 3 1/2" x 7", not 3" x 7".

#1709 You Lucky Dog

PDF Link Here

Here a Chick, There a Chick

On the first run of patterns there were 3 incorrect SKU numbers listed. On all six Patterns the SKU for the background was listed as F1841-K, the correct SKU is F1841-K2. On part 3, "Happy Birthday" there were two incorrect SKU's. F18501-7 should be F18501-J and F1841-K should be F184-JK.

#1620 Four Patch Fun

The yardage for black herringbone for the "Squared Up" quilt should be 2 3/4 yard - NOT the 2 3/8 yard listed on the back of the pattern.  The yardage is listed correctly inside the pattern.


#1606 Espresso Road

Step 1 shows how the blocks are to be sewn together. While each block uses the same sizes of dark and light strips, 20 of the blocks should have the longest dark strip on the right side (as shown in the illustration) and 16 of the blocks will be in reverse with the longest dark strip on the left side. The diagram on the next page of the pattern shows how each block is correctly put together.

#1604 Bertie's Summer

Part 4 "Summer's Harvest"

Page 1 under "To finish the Summer's Harvest block on it's own" Cutting directions for the green with black polka dots - change to: Cut 2 - 1" strips across width of fabric. Cut each 1" strip into 1 - 28 1/2" length and 1 - 13 1/2" length. Cut the remainder of the fabric into 2 - 13 1/2" x 15 1/4" rectangles for backing and - 3" squares.

Supply list page for all 4 parts

The fabric requirement for F1841-K2 (gray herringbone) should be 9"x21" NOT 9"x25"

#1509 Bertie's Autumn

Part 4 "Looking Good"

The finished size on the pattern cover should be 8"x10" NOT the 10"x14" that is shown. The measurement is correct in the actual pattern.

#1501 Purrfectly Pieced

Part 1 "Tomato Vine"

The supply list page on all 5 patterns in the Purrfectly Pieced BOM has a flannels chart. F18131-K (light gray with polka dots) has the wrong amount showing for part 1 "Tomato Vine". You'll need a 10"x30" piece. Additionally, if you are kitting the whole BOM, you'll need a total yardage of the 1/2 yards of F18131-K (light gray with polka dots).

#611 Warm Woolen Mittens

On page 2, step 7 it reads “…square up to 3 1/2 inches” This should read “square up to 3 inches” to fit together with the other pieces in the block.